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Finally I found a bit of time to post my first blog review - Been busy with emails and questions regarding my competition.

So, Ryan Shamus Dot Com - Who is he? Here’s a bit from his about me page:

Ryan Shamus is just a normal guy who is trying to blast his blog in to the highest realms of the blogosphere! It might take several hundred years to do so, but half the fun is trying, right?I love to fish, blog, read, tinker with PC’s, think, brainstorm, shoot, eat, eat, sleep, play video games, watch good movies, listen to music, eat, and many other things!I have a vision and goal to eventually earn enough money from online ventures to fully support myself with a full time income from it. It’s been done by so many other people, so I want to prove to myself and others that I can do it too!

Ryan has only been blogging for 3 months, yet he boasts 104 posts, a technorati link rating of 499 and an Alexa rank of 192,999. Nice!! His slogan of ‘Helping bloggers along the way’ is essentially what his blog does. His daily posts have lately consisted of promoting different contests for bloggers to participate in, but previously posts on making money online have proved to be a hit with readers.

Some of his top posts include:

An essential test to see if the blog can straight away engage the reader - i.e. that the reader straight away knows what the blog is about, is the 5 second test. Essentially you bring up the site for 5 seconds and then close it. If you fully understand what the site is about when you have closed the site page, then the blog has passed.

I went along with the test for Ryan’s blog and in the 5 seconds, managed to remember his bright title and categories but not as much his dim slogan. Ryan, change the colour of ”helping bloggers along the way” so new readers straight away know the point of your blog. It’s just a suggestion.

His blog sidebars are not that bad - however loading times for Adsense are long. He also has a featured sites section and a host of ‘money makers’ which seem to all come from ClickBank. He uses Kontera Content Link too, however these just show up randomly.

Personally, for a blog of 3 months, I think Ryan has done extremely well. It seems like he has built up a group of loyal readers, and churns out the posts consistently. The only thing that I am not too sure about is the blog template. The gap on the right hand side is just a waste of space. Maybe it looks differently in FireFox?? Who knows, but this is definitely a blog to keep coming back to.

Good job Ryan - 7/10


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3 responses to “Blog Review - Ryan Shamus Dot Com”

18 07 2019
Vic (20:27:11) :

He does have a nice site and great attitude.

20 07 2019
Adam Dempsey (08:24:54) :

Nice review :) His site is a very interesting read.

26 07 2019
DeboHobo (18:02:06) :

This is great info

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